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Welcome to Perfections 360, Hair and skin aesthetic solutions,

Perfections 360 is not just an aesthetic clinic; it’s a sanctuary dedicated to crafting beauty tailored to your uniqueness. At Perfections 360, we believe that every individual is exceptional, and so are their hair and skin needs. Our mission is to offer the finest and most personalized treatments that cater precisely to your distinct requirements.

With a fusion of art and science, our clinic prides itself on providing the best-in-class treatments for hair and skin. We understand that each person’s beauty journey is different, and that’s why our experienced team meticulously curates solutions that align with your specific desires and requirements.

From revitalizing hair care to rejuvenating skin treatments, we bring together the latest techniques and top-notch expertise to ensure that your experience with us is nothing short of extraordinary.

At Perfections 360, it’s not just about treatments; it’s about embracing your unique beauty and empowering your confidence. We’re here to guide you through a transformative journey to help you look and feel your absolute best.


We have expert professionals dedicated to your health and wellness.


Ensuring patient safety is our paramount commitment.

Personal Attention

Providing personalized care to meet unique patient needs


We offer personalized treatments to cater to individual health concerns and preferences

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We're all about making you look and feel amazing

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 We specialize in personalized treatments for your hair and skin needs. Our goal is to give you a fantastic experience tailored just for you, using the best techniques and the latest technology. Our team works with you to make your beauty dreams a reality, ensuring you leave feeling wonderful inside and out.

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Hair and scalp care
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Our Services

Chemical Peels

Time Efficient, Minimal Pain With Visible Resultsdown Time: Vary According To Condition. Generally 5-14 Day
•Detox peel
•Skin Resurfacing Peel
•Skin Brightening Peel
•Antiaging Peel
•Anti-melasma Peel
•Anti-acne Peel
Signature Acne scar Treatment
•Down time: 2 weeks •Guaranteed results for acne scar with visible change in before and after in minimum possible number of sessions which vary according to condition.
•19 Step world's best acne scar treatment

Medical Graded Facials

•Gold glow Facial (no downtime)
•Hydra Facial (1-3 days downtime)
•Vampire Facial (1 week downtime) BB glow facial treatment (3-7 days downtime)
•Collagen Facial (7-10 days downtime)
•Signature Facial (2 week downtime)

Microneeding & Meso Therapy

•Anti-melisma mesotherapy
•Messo for acne
•Prp mini facelift •Skin brightening mesotherapy •Glow mesothrapy •Revital zone & lift zone mesothrapy

Signature Melasma and Pigmentation Treatment

•Down time: 2 Weeks
•Guaranteed results for Melasma patches with visible change in before and after in minimum possible number of session which vary according to condition.
•18 Step world's best Melasma/pigmentation treatment

MicroPigmentation/ Tricopiamentation

(Semi-permanent Halal makeup)
•BB glow facial treatment
•Halal pigmented semi-permanent Eyebrows
•Halal pigmented semi-permanent Eye liner •Hala pigmented semi-permanent Lip blush 3 Bsic sessions are necessary for the results to last.

Permanent Hair reduction

•Get the baby soft skin that you always dreamed.
•State of art Triple wavelength Laser

Under Eye/ Dark circle treatment

•Under eye prp
•Under eye peel
•Under eye filler

Body contouring and Fat Reduction

•Face v-line sculpting
•Jawline Augmentation
•Chin fat dissolving
•Lipolytics Injections
•Arm fat contouring
•Belly fat contouring

Fibroblast Plasma Lifting

•Non-surgical biepharoplasty
•Non-surgical neck lift
•Non-surgical nasolabial fold lifting •Non-surgical eye contouring

Hair Treatment

•Hair High frequency treatment
•Hair PRP
•Hair Fusion PRP
•Scalp Micropigmentation(SMP)

All Hair and skin aesthetic treatment available

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