Hair Removal Laser

Laser hair removal packages typically offer a series of sessions to reduce or
eliminate unwanted hair in specific areas of the body.
These packages are designed to provide comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for long-term hair reduction.

Treatment Areas : Tripple wave length Diod laser


Female Laser

Per session price

Upper Lip: Rs 2000

Chin : Rs 2000

Extended chin: Rs 3000

Side Burn: Rs 3000

Full Face: Rs 6500

UnderArms: Rs 6000

Bikini: Rs 8500

Full Arms: Rs 16,000

Half Arms: Rs 8,500

Full Legs: Rs 20,000

Half Legs: Rs 10,000

Hips: Rs 5,000

Full torso: Rs 15,000

Full back: Rs 15,000

Full Body: Rs 45,000

Male Laser
Per Session price

Cheeks: Rs 3000

Uni-Brows : Rs 2000

Ears: Rs 2000

Front of neck: Rs 3000

Nape of neck: Rs 3000

Full Face: Rs 5500

UnderArm: Rs 6000

Shoulder: Rs 8000

Full Arms: Rs 16,000

Upper Arms: Rs 6,500

Full Legs: Rs 20,000

Half Legs: Rs 10,000

Full torso: Rs 15,000

Full back: Rs 15,000

1 ) Session Frequency

Laser hair removal generally requires multiple sessions spaced several weeks apart to effectively target hair in different growth cycles.

2) Coustomization

Packages may offer customization based on the number of sessions needed for optimal results in specific body regions.

3 ) Consultation and Skin Assessment

  A comprehensive package may include an initial consultation and skin assessment to determine the number of sessions required and the best approach for effective hair removal.

When considering a laser hair removal package, it's essential to discuss with our expert:

- The specific areas included in the package

- The number of sessions recommended

- The interval between each session

- The pricing and potential discounts offered in a package deal

- Any pre-care or post-care instructions for optimal results

It's advisable to consult with our professionals to understand the details, cost, and expected outcomes of the package best suited for your hair removal/reduction needs

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